Sunday, March 20, 2016

【Bangkok】Dog in Town Cafe @ Ekkamai, Bangkok!

Lemme introduce to you one of the dog cafes at Ekkamai, Bangkok! The cafe is easily accessbile by BTS and it's situated in a housing area. Don't worry, it is quite easy to locate it, just follow google maps direction to go.

Now, let the pictures do the talking! :)
Dog in Town cafe! Here we come!

I love the ambience of the cafe here and those quotes on the wall :)
Spotted first one! So cute!
Ahhh, sleeping soundly under the air-cond! 
As I couldn't communicate with the staff there, it seems like there's no minimum spending required. 

My matcha frappe &  the husky!
How cute !!!
We are allowed to play with the dogs but the puppy is too active! Can't catch it!
We were given some snacks to feed the huskies, Look at them!
So cute!
They were released to go outdoor and played
The staff was feeding them with ice
Having some ices to cool their body
The huskies couldn't bear the hot weather, they were waiting patiently to go inside the cafe.
I went there during December 2015, there were only 4 dogs that time. The dogs are named after BTS station, i.e Thonglo, Phloen Chit, Sathorn and..... one more which I have forgotten! Sorry!
This is a real dog!! Is that Alaskan?
Hey, Thong lor the giant
Most playful pup!
Hey, Phloen Chit!
The cafe is not crowded during my visit last time, so I really enjoy playing with the huskies. I would recommend you to pay a visit there if you really like dogs and don't want to travel far from the city.

End the post with one of my favourite picture, Thanks for reading.


Address: 16/1, 16/1 เอกมัย 7, แขวง พระโขนงเหนือ เขต วัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand
(Please take BTS to Ekkamai station)

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  1. hello, may i know around what time u visited? was it also a weekend? :) thank you in advance ^^